GOLF Scores

Golf schedule changes: Masters in Nov.

Here's what golf will look like for the rest of 2020 with three of four majors set to be played

CBS Sports to re-air 2004, 2019 Masters

We won't get a new Masters this April, but watching highlights from these past events is a great substitute

2020 Masters tournament postponed

The Masters had been played in April every year since 1945

Masters 2020

2020 Masters Schedule
  • Nov
    12 Thur
    Round 1

  • Nov
    13 Fri
    Round 2

  • Nov
    14 Sat
    Round 3

  • Nov
    15 Sun
    Round 4

    Masters Hole-by-Hole Flyovers
    • hole-1.jpg
      Hole 1: Tea Olive
      The first is a slight dogleg right that plays uphill. Drives to the left may catch the tre...
    • 2-hole.jpg
      Hole 2: Pink Dogwood
      No. 2 is a dogleg left which may be reachable in two. Large, deep greenside bunkers demand...
    • hole-3.jpg
      Hole 3: Flowering Peach
      A classic short par four. Golfers attempt to hit short of the four fairway bunkers, result...
    • hole-4.jpg
      Hole 4: Flowering Crab Apple
      This hole is a stout par three that requires a long iron and is often made harder by decep...
    • 5-hole.jpg
      Hole 5: Magnolia
      An uphill, dogleg left to a sloping green. The fairway bunkers are deep and positioned to ...
    • 6-hole.jpg
      Hole 6: Juniper
      This par three features an elevated tee and a large undulating green. The shifting levels ...
    • hole-7-new.jpg
      Hole 7: Pampas
      The drive on this tight hole is often played to the left-center of the fairway to set up a...
    • 8-hole.jpg
      Hole 8: Yellow Jasmine
      An accurate drive is needed to avoid the fairway bunker on the right side on this uphill h...
    • 9-hole.jpg
      Hole 9: Carolina Cherry
      This hole is best known for its green that slopes from back to front. Players often drive ...
    • 10-hole.jpg
      Hole 10: Camellia
      This long par four plays steeply downhill and features a nearly 60-yard-long center bunker...
    • 11-hole.jpg
      Hole 11: White Dogwood
      At this hole begins Amen Corner, and wind is often a factor. The tee shot plays downhill a...
    • 12-hole.jpg
      Hole 12: Golden Bell
      One of the world's most famous golf holes, this is Augusta National's shortest par three. ...
    • hole-13.jpg
      Hole 13: Azalea
      An accurate tee shot to the center of the fairway on this sweeping dogleg left allows a pl...
    • 14-hole.jpg
      Hole 14: Chinese Fir
      The primary defense on this bunkerless par four is a terraced putting surface that drops s...
    • 15-hole.jpg
      Hole 15: Firethorn
      A famously reachable par five when the winds are favorable. A well-struck second shot must...
    • hole-16.jpg
      Hole 16: Redbud
      This hole is played entirely over water to a green secured by three bunkers. With the putt...
    • 17-hole.jpg
      Hole 17: Nandina
      The putting surface at this uphill par four offers its share of challenges, as it seems to...
    • hole-18.jpg
      Hole 18: Holly
      One of the most famous finishing holes in golf, this uphill dogleg right is protected by t...
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